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Employment Assistance
We tailor your skills to our job openings. Our recruiters assist you with resume writing, and interview preparation as needed during your job search.

Interview Coaching
We will make sure you show up to the job interview in your best light possible.  

Our Recruiting Team work closely with our clients and understand the critical desired qualification. We only present the best match for their opening(s). As we contact you, you can be confident that you are highly qualified for the position. You can request assistance on how to best present your qualifications.

On-Boarding Orientation
You are informed of the work environment, work group, company background, and performance expectations, to ensure you are properly prepared to succeed.  

Depending on positions, you will receive different safety training and orientation to ensure your safety at the workplace.

Mentoring Communication
Both your Recruiter and a corporate Staff will reach out to you on your first day of assignment. The communication is continued during your assignment to ensure your success on the job.

We make it simple for clients to hire you on as full-time, regular employee if they choose to do so.

Sick Pay
If you are a F/T Associate (Working 30 hours or more a week), for every 30 hours that you work, you earn an hour sick pay. You can start using sick time when you are on the job for 90 days.
Health Insurance
If you are eligible, you will be offered a health insurance that is sponsored by your Employer. You will pay a portion of the premium and your employer will pay the balance. You can have your children and spouse on the plan but you will pay the whole premium for them if enrolled
Direct Deposit
You can open a bank account with major banking institutions without charge if you enroll in direct deposit for your paycheck.