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Why Us



Compliance with all local, state, and federal employment laws, business, and payroll tax regulations
Maintain peace of mind doing business with a solid staffing provider who is stable and implements proper hiring diligence and practices.

Risk Management and Safety Incentives
We offer extensive discounts to client companies who have established risk management and workplace safety protocols.

Liabilities and Risk Control
Complimentary site visits by safety and OSHA compliance experts. We also provide assistance with safety training.

E-Verify Services and Background Checks
Reference checks are included as part of our hiring procedures. Drug testing is recommended for all equipment operators. Helping companies to spot bad hires, potentially problematic employees, and workers' comp abusers, results in significant cost savings to clients.

Nearby Medical Clinics
Conveniently located drug testing services shorten hiring time. Should an incident occur at the work site, associates can be assessed promptly leading to quick recovery and a return to work.




Providing staffing usage & other reports to client's specifications
Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports are provided as effective tools for assessing staffing cost management and budgeting. Our streamlined invoicing system utilizes double check backup for accuracy.

Account Coordinator, Bilingual Representatives, and On-site Supervisors
With a dedicated account coordinator, we are 100% attentive to your company's unique requisites. Account management is seamlessly coordinated and executed under client relations manager's supervision to ensure efficiency and proper implementation.

Our account management service is completely focused on addressing your challenges effectively and in alignment with your company's goals and objectives.




First-Day Show Guarantee
Your company will receive prompt staffing support thus minimizing interruption in operations.

Qualified & Well-Oriented Workers
We prepare the workers to support your unique work environment and groups. They are motivated and committed to meet and exceed your job expectations.

Local Workers
By minimizing commute time and transportation expenses, your associates will be more content, committed, and productive.

Volume Discounting
Fee structure is based on volume breakpoints resulting in substantial savings or our clients.

Zero Conversion Fee
Once staffing contracts have been satisfied, clients have the option of seamlessly hiring Operation Toolbox associates directly to their payroll.